5 Keys to Effective UVI Meetings

If you and your dealership are serious about controlling your pre-owned margins, then having UVI meetings are critical. I have been able to witness first hand a variety of different UVI meetings and styles.  Below are 5 keys to effective UVI meetings to get you and your team working toward a common goal.

Have a UVI Meeting and Have Them Daily:

I’m sure there are stats somewhere about how many dealerships have a daily UVI meeting, but we’d be willing to guess there is about a quarter of the industry that still does not have a daily UVI meeting.  Set a time in the day and make attendance mandatory for those that need to be there.

Keep Agenda Simple:

If you are striving for an efficient make ready department you should strive to only discuss things that focus on making the process efficient.  Sure, build in time at the beginning to discuss the hickey on Billy’s neck from a fun-filled night that Saturday, but when it is time to get down to business, focus the discussion on the process improvement.  Meetings should be stand up and kept within 5-10 minutes.

Have the Necessary Information and Metrics Readily Available:  

You need to know how fast vehicles are moving in and out of your make ready department.  Speed to Market is a term that is picking up steam in the pre-owned world.   Managers also need to know if there are any trouble areas or hang-ups on any cars.  As a manager, you are there to help the process along.  If there are roadblocks you can help remove from the process, you can step in and assist.

Ask Questions to Understand:

Having the metrics and info available is a start, but now it’s time to dive into why things are the way they are.  Ask questions to understand what is going on in the process.  The owners of the UVI process should be able to identify exactly what needs to be done and where.

Assign Ownership to Tasks and Hold Your People Accountable:  

Seek first to understand, then be understood.  After understanding yourself the current workings of your UVI department, now it is time to get the kinks out of the hose and assign tasks.  The key here is asking how are you and your team going to tackle any challenges in your process and then executing.

Every day you should strive for at least 1 15-minute UVI meeting with your team. Some of the more ardent believers in the importance of the process will establish a morning and afternoon UVI meeting.  How often you have the meeting is dependent on your team.  But ensuring you run them effectively and have the right information readily available is critical to the success of you and your make-ready team.

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